New Store Items Added

Hi there Fellow Terrans,

Today I have added a new range of Store based (in game) TSC purchasable items. These are currently expanded to include ‘Reactors, Weapons and Shields’.

These items are best in class/level/skill and will give you an edge if you care to support Project Terran and its development. They still have skill and energy requirements but you will find if you look closely that they are very generous in their abilities.

These items have been added in an effort to kick-start some support for Project Terran and its continued development. At this time all the costs involved have been absorbed by Core-Exiles (our parent game) but eventually, Project Terran must stand on its own and support itself.

There are a lot of Upgrades and items that can already be purchased in-game Via the TSC store (use the Burger menu to access it).

If you have suggestions for more items or a range of items you would like to see let us know.

Don’t forget to be able to purchase items in-game using TSC (Terran Store Credits) you first need to go to the External store and purchase some.

All in game TSC items are delivered automatically once purchased.


P.S Don’t forget items purchased in this fashion that are generally fitted to a ship will become CHARACTER BOUND - once you fit them!