NEW Updated Map Primer

We have a nice new map for you.

The first thing that you will notice is that it loads MUCH faster than the original map.

The map contains hovers so that you can see what is located in each system:

The new map has a built in Plotter. If you would like to know the fastest route from A to B, click the first system, and you will see that a purple coloured circle appears round the system, this locks the plotter to point A.

Next, click the system that you want to travel to. The fastest route between the two will be highlighted in purple, with the point A and B circled.

At the top left you will see the start location listed with a red button, (use this to clear the lock) the destination, and the total fuel required. Here you can see a route plotted between Terra and Astra:

If you click a different destination, the marker will be moved to that system, and the route and fuel requirements updated. To clear the route, click the red button beside the starting system.

Relatively straight forward, but if you have questions or issues, please let us know.

Only thing about it is that it’s dependent on Google scripts ( I’m always slightly worried, on principle, about the way more and more of the Internet now relies on Google for all its services. They’re becoming the de facto “people who run the Internet”.

But politics aside, good job, very clever!