Newbie observations

I started a company in Transporter Tycoon a couple of days ago. A few things I’ve noticed.

  1. It was very hard to find a link to the game. I Goggle searched the name, but only came up with Transport Tycoon, a different game. I finally found a link to the game in the D.G.S. Official Store in the Our Games section. I also found a link in these forums.

  2. It’s not clear to me what the Cartels are good for. All the Cartels seem to have 1 member, except the first one which has 86. I haven’t joined a Cartel, I’m holding out to understand the benfit.

  3. The Leaderboard seems to max out at 10 players, even if I select a higher number. Is that the current total active player base?

  4. There seems to be an outragous number of incidents on every trip. My drivers speed, take shortcuts, hit dogs, run into other trucks, run away from the police, and get a flat tire on every single trip. I also noticed that it’s far better to ignore all those messages, and just come back after an hour or so, because then there will only be one incident. Is that a bug?

  5. It’s also far better to sell you truck, than is to leave it without a driver. It will get vandalized regularly, and the repair cost is higher than the loss you take for selling it outright.

  6. I don’t think the voting thing is working. I’ve clicked through the screens, but only get blank pages. I seem to get voting credit despite that however.

  7. Is there a different forum for this game somewhere? The game has been around for nearly 10 years, surely there is more discussion than what is available to read here.

Hey there, I’ve been playing a couple of months and it does seem very quiet. I’ve applied to the large cartel and nothing, I guess the leaders are all inactive.

I’ve been playing Transporter Tycoon for a few months now. I no longer have a newbie outlook on the game, and I’m ready for the next phase. Although I realize these ideas are not likely to be implemented, I’ll post my suggestions anyhow.

Looking back, the progression through the various fleet levels was pretty quick. I went from small vans to large vans within a few days, and into the trucks fairly quickly. Trains took a little longer, but within a couple of months. Vehicle upgrades were interesting, but got maxed out fairly easily after 4. Driver skill training was also intersting, and I’m still only at about 60%.

The higher level your company, the more drivers and fleet you can get. But filling routes gets rather tedious after you’ve got 20 drivers or so.

As for the map, I pay little to no attention to where my drivers are, or where they are going. I simply look for high paying destinations, and watch the distance of the second route of the day to keep from getting fined.

So I’m at the stage of asking, what’s next? Clearly Airplanes would be the next potential vehicle to progress into, but I’m not sure that this is the best next direction for this game. The game need more content than just getting higher paying routes.

Ok, a few of ideas to add some level of thinking or strategy:

  1. The 4 upgrades were pretty easy. Adding more levels of each of those with progressively higher costs could improve the feature.
  2. Make the layout (the map) a bigger part of the game. Have 8 to 12 bigger cities, some smaller suburbs, and then small towns between the cities. The big cities would have the largest orders, and the small towns the smallest. If the big city order doesn’t fill the truck or train, we would have to find a route on the way to our final destination.
  3. Make the two bridges between Lakeshire & Coveshire, a toll bridge, that costs both credits and time, (1/2 hour to 1 hour). That would make us avoid routes that cross the bridges unless the route was very good.
  4. Currently all the roads are the same quality. Create a highway network, and slower backroads. Trains could be independent routes, perhaps with no access to some of the towns.
  5. For Trains, you could make Train owners buy their routes, so they could only make deliveries on tracks they have bought. For Airplanes (assuming this is implemented), you could force us to buy Airports.