No exerience from trading

Technological Goods purchase at 200, sold at 278, experience did not change after i sold the 30 units.

So only more income when hauling?

Strange XP from TC’s was working as we had some initial testers level up almost just from Trading. I have just tried it again and your correct No XP was awarded.

Leave it with us whilst we look under the hood.


Not quite sure how, or when, but the xp reward had disappeared from the commodity code.

I have added this back in now, but will possibly need to be (re)balanced. This will be looked at in depth tomorrow.

Can I ask those of you that take part in the Merchant ‘Trade Commodity’ process to leave feed back on the XP. We tinkered with it during its initial addition to the game and watered it down from its original rather powerful level.

From the feedback we got at the time it seemed that we have found a correct level for XP. but I would like some feedback as we progress (having added it back in).


I’ve mainly been watching the credits and not the xp. But I will start to do so.

Made a few runs to see what the laws are and they seem to be.
Mining = 2xp/unit mined (can be done almost anywhere at whim)
Freight = 10% of payment (limited to supplies, if any, between x and y)
Trading = 6xp/unit traded (limited to supplies at source, requires up front payment)

A test run…
Picked up a load of 90 trade goods on one of the best runs that I’ve found. It pays out 540xp and 10800 credits. Distance is 54.
From same place I can run Dumont, but not all the way there so I have to make a few side stops which extends the total space routes traveled to 104. Freight returns for this net 894 experience and around 9000 credits.

My mining toon would have generated approximately 750 ore (1500xp) with the same fuel spent and made around 3000 credits from the GBM. He uses a Civ Grade 3 mining laser.

Can confirm what says pablem, 6 exp per unit traded in.
Does not seem to be linked to any other value, like distance of nearest place selling it.

Many thanks, I guess I should have been a little clearer in my request lol. I was more interested in the ‘feel’ of TC XP income that the amount (which I know as I added it).

We are trying to gain an element of balance between the XP incomes for the professions. I’m less interested in how much fuel you burnt etc and more your gut feelings for how the Merchant XP income feels.

Keeping in mind that you wouldn’t start a Merchant type account or pick up the day trader skills normally right away,


Day Trader is something any hauler will quickly add because it’s an easy bit of bonus cash once you have extended your travels from Xantana to Defiance and make note of what is where. Freight and commodities go hand-in-hand and both are low on the skill tree, I would expect that to be the rule.

I was hoping for the same, but nobody bit on my bait. Part of the problem being that experience and levels don’t mean anything yet. But I will give it an additional poke.
Mining = 2xp/unit mined (can be done almost anywhere at whim) Miners can gain experience faster than haulers and merchants, which I suppose is offset by other factors. This may need to be revisited when/if ore prices start soaring.

Freight = 10% of payment (limited to supplies, if any, between x and y)
Trading = 6xp/unit traded (limited to supplies at source, requires up front payment)

I would have expected a similar formula, either both based on distance, payment, or units moved. If I were to change anything it would be to adjust both to be based on the carry distance (units x distance) and ignore the payment. It wouldn’t change freight much but would keep trading from being lop-sided. It doesn’t matter whether I move the commodities from Zeonos to Terra or Xantana to Defiance, both earn the same xp.

To add a bit: For trading goods the nicest would be exp gained based on the actual demand.
6 exp per unit feels quite high, 90 or 120 cargo units can be fast acquired, and here are a lot of close by trade runs. But when the ware is priority one, why not.

I see more gaining credits as a topic, there are a few runs which give 70+ credits per unit, or even more. Those are rare, but very nice.
The normal range from 25-35 credits per units is not so much, but taken in account that mostly a freight haul will be also loaded, worth it.

One of the issues facing a relational system based on cost amount or distance is that player can purchase items from multiple locations, take Alien Artifacts for instance they can be purchased from Six locations throughout he Galaxy, so using a distance calc on them wont work. Similarly the prices vary at the sales locations.


Since these posts some more features were added to the game, so I thought you could use some new feedback.

First a small correction, addition to pablem’s post:

Mining = 1xp * class/unit mined (can be done almost anywhere at whim) → so 1xp/unit for class 1 ores, 5xp/unit for class 5, …
Freight = 10% of payment (limited to supplies, if any, between x and y) → 10% is for Dumont, higher percentages for Janisar and Dryden, also higher skill level gives higher payment and thus higher xp.
Trading = 6xp/unit traded (limited to supplies at source, requires up front payment)
Combat = fixed amount per kind of pirate, increases with pirate’s level.
Salvage = 1xp/unit
Harvesting = 1xp/unit

Then a small feedback:

In my experience the xp system is nicely balanced, since I see my different toons gathering comparable amounts of xp.

The only thing that I find a bit out of balance is the xp for the salvaging.
Usually my combat toon does the combat in one browser and another toon does the salvaging in a second browser. However, the number of salvage units that can be taken is so low that hardly any xp is gathered. In the same amount of time any toon can earn a lot more xp with hauling, mining and day trading.
For example compare the yield (min:4/max:7) of a coyote salvage laser giving 1xp/unit, with the yield (min:15/max:18) of a ferox ice mining laser giving 7xp/unit.
My suggestion would be to raise xp for salvaging to something between 3 and 5xp per unit.