Notification Testing

I have this evening activated a notification system in the bank. Rather than the small message that appears in the bank interface, a small ‘growl’ style message appears in the top right hand corner. I propose that we shift (where possible) all notifications to this style. There are varying colours, but with the bank I have set the ‘default’ background to the same colour as the dev bar.

What do you think?

Is this preferable to the inline messages, or do you prefer the original messages (shown everywhere else)?

I will see what feedback I get from this before proceeding with it.

I’m a fan of the growl type notification (hopefully those reading this will know what Mr P and I are talking about lol). Adds an in your face add-on that normal in-line messages don’t.

Difficult to say if they are needed everywhere as that may actually detract from them being unique, rather than become something you ignore lol.

On the bank it works well for sure. I’d def add it to the fitting removal and ‘you can’t use this’ messages of the load out.


We can of course use one colour (like the bank) for ‘general’ notifications then use a red or orange for ‘Oi! You need to know this’ notifications…