NPC Mission bug - Jack Kiger (Servitude / Wildfire Colony)

  • A favor for a friend

The 3rd or 4th mission in the chain requires you to get 2x Microstar T2 generators. When you return with them the mission text indicates that he only needs one and you get to keep the 2nd one. Both were taken out of my inventory but the 2nd isn’t in either my ship store or the PSF.

Ahh found it…

OK I’ll fix the issue where it takes 2.

Well spotted, I looked several times and still didn’t spot the issue. I assume you don’t need the extra Microstar back ? As its a Civ level item and your way past that now ?

If you do hit me up in chat and I’ll see you get one back.


Found a grammatical error in the text of this mission chain. I figured it was better to post here rather than starting a new topic. This is a minor text error, nothing game breaking.

Text in the third section reads:
I think you’ll find that Gen Tech still sell those. Go locate me Two and bring them back. Same as before I’ll cover your expenses and throw in a little extra Faction reward.

I suggest 1 of 2 options to correct. The first option is a straight correction, the second is a rewrite that I believe would sound better:

  1. Change “sell” to “sells” and the word “Two” doesn’t need to be capitalized.
  2. Gen Tech should have those available, go acquire two and return to me.