Partial combat system failure (intermittent)

The following times are all game time.

On Aug 24, the combat system experienced two errors that I experienced.
I had been utilizing the combat system on two toons at the same time, attempting to complete some missions.

The start of the first event was approximately between 0200 and 0205, when i stopped combat for a few minutes to read a chapter of a book. I returned and noticed that my toons had only recovered a single tick of shields. I then watched another couple minutes pass, and saw no shield charging. Additional observed behavior at this time: enemies killed right before I left did not spawn during this time.

Around 0215 and the following few minutes, two(?) shield ticks occurred, enemies spawned.

Around 0218, I initiated combat with both my toons again. Observed behaviors: enemies did not return fire, enemy allied vessels moved to intercept but failed to fire when in range, shields did not regenerate for myself (enemy stats were not observable, assume no shields for them either), killed enemies did not respawn.

First event ends approximately 0224, observed enemies fire, shield uptick, and enemy spawn.

Second event starts approximately 0229, when I noticed that enemies failed to meet their firing pattern twice. Noticed shield tick missed as well.
At 0231, Tom Paris mentions in discord that they saw their shields miss a tick as well, but after leaving the asteroid their shield charged as normal.
I remained in combat, still observing no return fire, spawning or shield regeneration until end.

Second event end, approximately 0234, observed enemy fire, shield uptick and enemy spawn.

No further events observed for several minutes, retired for the night after.

This was due to two separate comms outages here. Both periods the outage only lasted a short while and the crons / tickers picked back up immediately upon its return.

Combat crons run every 2 seconds to keep combat and mining moving smoothly. Thankfully this type of event is rare.