Permanent pop up boxes

While mining I’ll find resources I can sell and am notified by a pop up box. When hauling and delivering goods, I’ll get a popup stating I delivered good and same with each level up. These are permanent boxes until I manually close them. I don’t mind the permanent box but the problem I have is I have to click on the box to bring up the close out X in the top right corner, so I basically have to click the box twice to close it and it I’m delivering multiple items to the same location I need to click a the screen 4-8 times to clear the clutter. Is there a way to make the X already displayed in the box so I can just click once to close it out?

Even though it isn’t visible, you can still click on the corner where the x appears and it will close the window.

You’re right, but these popup boxes became really annoing in time.
You have to close each box individually in order to get rid of them. Say I’ve just completed 3 deliveris at the same location, I have to close all 3 notifications in order to click on the undock link. Waste of time if you ask me.

There is a very difficult balance between leaving them long enough so you can absorb the information, and removing them from the screen.

So far we have stuck our fingers in the air and guessed, but it is quickly becoming clear to me that people don’t give a hoot what it says on the screen, they are more interested in madly prodding the mouse getting in and out as quickly as possible.

Perhaps I will just set a 1 second timer on all the messages, and you can all guess what just happened ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Well, I would say yes to that, I already know when I dock that I am delivering those goods so I don’t read them anyway because I’d already got the information when I took the contract but maybe in the beginning a new user would read them to get more familiar for the process so maybe it can me made to where they stay up for 5 seconds or longer and then after level 3 they can be reduced to 2 seconds?

Personally and with my Dev hat on as well, Leave the messages. They have a PURPOSE they are there to inform you of the rewards for those messages.

The issue lies more in the way players want to play. The game is a thinking mans game and not a five minute a day click fest. Sadly if a player wants to be uninformed of the rewards (having spent several minutes in most cases) getting there then perhaps the game is not for them.

I can guarantee (from experience) that as soon as we either time them out too quickly to be read or remove them (likely the next request) that we get bugs reported where ‘I didn’t seem to get my rewards’ logged.

Human nature wants to play as fast as you can I guess to gain the rewards, but you need to be play in an ‘informed’ way, As Devs have to draw a line in the sand. The messages have merit.and purpose.

My personal thoughts.


I never read the rewards message on ce and I also never read then here. Can it be optional? Like something we can have the option to toggle off?

In addition to the “regular” messages, I am sure there will be more event messages in the future and then it will be…flash…What did I miss?
Slow down on the caffeine and enjoy…LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have to go with @Elkhorn - why would you play a game that you dont bother to read the messages ? It would eventually become more of an issue and a hindrance to you in the long run.

Please bear in mind we are building the game fro a Desktop Browser audience, we are happy to see that it ‘works’ on tablets but we have only ensured functionality in this design check.

Choosing to play on a tablet is your personal decision. the game is STILL a web browser game and to play those best you want to use a desktop browser. Your issue is the double ‘finger tapping’ which I understand, but asking for the messages to be turned off is plain silly.

That road leads to 100’;s of bug reports where players didn’t read what the messages would have said and interpreted things differently.

The purpose of this close stage 2 alpha is to test the current content and get some balance in place, not reverse the processes in place. They are there for ‘good reasons’ not as an annoyance, no matter how much you may find them.


At least, could you move them from the center of the screen? Say to top left or bottom left?

Almost perfect now, even if not to the left. If you could put them over the picture of the location it would be really great!

I just got one of these and liked reading it, only problem I had was trying to figure out how to get it off the screen so I could get back to mining. I think if it was easier to get off the screen or if you rolled over it it stays up but if you don’t roll over it, it goes away in a second. Or if you just click on the box, etc. Now that I know where to click it isn’t an issue but I liked the flavor of the special event and think it should stay up, just make it easier to get rid of for those that don’t like flavor.