Pirate Search attackable filter

I just used the Pirate Search tool with minimum level set to 5 below my current level and max set to 1 below it, the minimum money was left blank and the selector for attackable was on Yes. I got a list of about four one of whom was carrying money. When I tried to mug them I was told they were too low a level, I tried again with an attack and got a similar message.

Going back to the search I tried with values of 1 - 35 & Yes and saw swarms including some at level 4, repeating the search with attackable set to No yielded no names at all.

This will unfortunately be a result of the recent “protection” added for the lower level players.

I am still looking for a workable solution to that problem, and until that has been sorted, there is little I can do with the search feature. I will however keep it on the list and visit it once the above has been addressed.