Planetary Harvesting - Primer

Planetary Harvesting - Place harvesters on a planet and extract (over time) the resources therein.

Harvesting is of course only available on planets. (don’t want to be digging holes in stations!)

Find a Rhymer Industrial Complex on a planet, and you will be presented with the following interface:

There are a number of skills required for harvesting. Initially you will need the Harvesting skill, and the skills that the Personal Harvester requires. You will of course need to build, or source a personal harvester.

OK, once in the harvesting interface, you will see a list of available resources in the left. Resources available will vary from planet to planet.

Once you have found the resource you want, click it and you will see the following interface:

Your Ship Store will be searched for harvesters, you will be shown up to 3, from highest to lowest level. (demonstrated here with the commercial and personal)

Harvesters require fuel. Fuel will depend on the resource you place your harvester on, but the required fuel for the resource is shown above the harvester buttons.

If all skill requirements are met, and you have enough fuel, you will see a green button. If not the button will be red.

You can place one harvester on each resource up to your maximum limit.

Once you have placed your harvester, you will see the following:

Your harvester will be shown as active against the resource, and on the right side you will see your active harvesters, with a time the session will end.

Once the session ends, you will get an email notification. Head to the planet, and collect your resources and your harvester. (The harvester will be returned to your Ship Store, so make sure you have space)

If you want to continue harvesting that resource, you can place your harvester back on that resource again (assuming there is still a spawn availabe!)

That about covers it.

Let me know of you run into any issues…

How much fuel is enough? I am not locating that anywhere.

If you look in the images above, clicking on a harvest location it will show the image in the right pane for the resource, then beside that it shows the fuel required (Thracium for the example above) and the quantity you have in stock in your GSF. From the primer above:


Right…it shows me what fuel I need, it tells me how much I have, but not how fast it gets used or how much a 12 hr run will need.

If you look at the stats on your harvester in your ship store, that will tell you the yield, cycle time and fuel per hour required.

It is not shown on the harvesting screen as at the point it is displayed the code has no idea which harvester you are going to choose.

You are likely using personal harvesters, there are at least 5 above that level… :wink:

Will the resources available at a planet change over time or are they constant?
Is there a limit to how many players/toons can use a resource at one time?