Planned Server MOVE - Please Read

Our data center host has informed us they are having a large scale server farm move around this month. This includes our Project Terran. This move will take place on the 19th of October starting at approx 9.00pm and completing sometime before 6.00am on the 20th.

Domain Offline
During that time the actual servers will be offline (turned off) and physically unplugged and moved to another section of the data center. Because of this All the Project Terran domain and sub-domain services will go offline for that period.

Discord Game Chat
The Game chat will still remain intact and if you do not already have a link to the chat or have installed the chat app you might want to do so prior to the down time. We will keep players informed via the chat of the progress and eventual up time. Read HERE for details.

Game Security
We will of course prior to the down time make full security backups of the DB and file structure ‘Just in case’ We do not envisage any issues, but you can never be to careful :slight_smile:

We will also be reminding you of this forth coming ‘down time’ several times prior to the date.