Playing Multiple toons at the same time

Playing several toons at the same time?

Hate to be the one to mention the obvious, but with several toons available for each player (and with delays built in at each point) the temptation will be for players to try to play their multiple toons on separate devices at the same time. Is this a feature that could be incorporated into the gameplay, or should it be banned?

I’m not expressing an opinion one way or the other, just mentioning the direction that the game dynamics push you as a player. Any delay in game time tends to incline a player to find a way to advance in other aspects of the game.


I have been testing this over the last few days with @Coops and as far as we are concerned, there are no issues with playing multiple toons at the same time.

There is a very important BUT though!

Make sure that you are playing your characters in different browsers. (preferably on a seperate machine) but if that is not possible, then must be 2 DIFFERENT browsers. (i.e. play one in Google Chrome, the other in Safari, or one in Internet Explorer/Edge the other in Firefox)

You CANNOT play multiple characters in the same browser, not even seperate windows or tabs, as this will almost certainly bork your accounts.

So, to summarise, yes, but with the caveat above.

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I have 2 laptops, so I might do this later, playing each of my 2 chars in a separate laptop, but will there not be issues with the same account logged twice at the same time ?

Not at all no.

You can run them both on the same computer if you prefer, they just must both be run in separate browser (i.e run one in Chrome, the other in Firefox)

Do not attempt to run them in separate tabs or windows of the same browser, as this will likely corrupt your characters.

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Ah, thanks to forum’s plagiarisms search I’ve found the right thread :smile:

Ok, we are officially allowed to play multiple characters at the same time and it’s awesome!
The fact that transferring items, resources and credits between accounts is allowed as well is also the right decision imo, as skills have to be distributed between characters.

I just wanted to bring another potential char-char interaction issue to your attention, which is a combination of the following events:

  • sooner or later combat will be implemented
  • mining will be dangerous, miners will have to protect their ships or group with fighter pilots

Well, I was considering getting another char slot for a fighter in order to start training combat skills in advance and then BOOM, enlightenment:

  • What will stop me from protecting my own miner? I mean, it’s surely not forbidden, but:
  • Why would miners want to group with (other) combat pilots (and even pay them for protection)?

Nothing at all, If you want to do that, knock yourself out

Some players will want to team with others, some will not. That is a choice for the player to make in their own minds. If you have a friend along while you are playing, especially if chatting via skype, Ventrilo etc it can be more fun and rewarding. But if a player wants to play solo, using their own combat toon to protect their mining toon, as long as they have fast fingers they absolutely can do just that :stuck_out_tongue: