Poor service in Union Passenger Lounge

Here I am, and no-one will serve me :sob:!! Seriously, I have experienced repeated server timeouts waiting to buy a ticket to go visit New Orion. I am working on a slow system but there seems to be an additional problem making connection through this link.

Give me some more information… you click the link, what, if anything, actually happens? What browser are you playing in? Do you have any addons installed?

Does anybody else experience issues here ?

I have never had any problem with this myself and ive been playing for about a month now… It sounds like you could be having net issues your end, but as Prev says… please post info so it can be looked at by our marvelous devs :slight_smile:

Also check your money in “Money” account.

Needed multiple tries before server even displayed the countdown clock, almost always became stuck with “Connecting” and the blue wheel until the serer timed out. Has now worked once and am in New Orion, will try and travel back later and see if it happens again. Am playing on Firefox, without add ons.

Is this only related to travel, or are you seeing delays elsewhere?
Does your browser have any javascript blocks in place?

Has so far only happened with the travel

I have to honest, I am finding this impossible to replicate, and as you are the only person reporting the issue, have to conclude that the issue must be your end. Either your connection, or your browser…

Have you tried playing (for testing purposes) in a different browser?

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