Positive mining event: lump of ore

Proposed text:
While mining this asteroid. a lump of ore disloged from it and started to move away.
You quickly caught it with your tractor beam.
The lump contained xx (random value higher than laser yield) unit of (ore type of the asteroid being mined). added to your cargo.

Positive Mining Event: You discover that if you lean to left in your captains chair while pushing your foot against the mining control arm, you can significantly reduce the harmonic vibration in your ship caused by the Mining Laser.

You thought you could hear something. That last blast of your mining laser uncovered a hiding place of a refugee family of Twiggles. Twiggles are hunted throughout the galaxy for their tasty flesh. Not only will you feast tonight on the adult female but you pop the children in the freezer for later and keep the father as a slave. Amazingly the adult male Twiggle is exceptionally talented at mining and offers to “do the clicking” for the next hour. However in view of the fact that you ate his wife, there is a 50% chance in the next hour that he mutinies and ejects all your mined ore into space and escapes in a pod. If he doesn’t mutiny he thanks you for saving him from his wife and kids and explains that all he wants to do is mine ore and remains a permanent addition to your crew who mines for 1 hour per day on your behalf. Of course you can also eat him at any time.

positive [sometimes]

  1. you got feed back and you gain 2x yeild - plus xp positive event…[except double for me cus it’s my idea - if you would code that in, that would be grand! :smiley:

you get feedback you get no yeild plus damage to laser [except me, if you use this as it’s my idea! if you would code that in, that would be grand! :D]

  1. the laser bounces of unseen diamond sheet - feedback causes damage to ship - get reapir compensation credits from mining faction / xp in mining faction…
  • While mining, you discover a crashed section of a mining vessel wedged in a crevice. After removing some rock, you successfully rescue the surviving crew and are able to aid them on their way.

  • During mining operations, the laser is reflected back off of some crystalline rock formations, causing a feed back in the laser. With a quick response, you are able to redirect the excess energy through out the ship and save the drill.

  • Mining may not be the most celebrated career, but it has its moments that make things a little more rewarding. Like just now, you accidentally ignited a deep cache of volatile gases that actually helped you with dislodging more ore. At least it didn’t damage the ship!

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I’ve added some of these today. I had to cherry pick as some are too long and some refer to obtaining ‘items’ from events, which we currently cant do. XP and HP damages only folks


I can try my hand at this…

What the??? How? Why!?
A lump of ore shot out of that asteroid, and got lodged in the mining laser. You will have to get that fixed soon. No, not duct tape, a proper repair facility.

(-2% mining laser Durability)

A lump of… ore? Shot out? … That’s not ore! It’s some strange creature, a foul-tempered lump of purple fur. WikiGalactica says “ribblez”.
It was delicious.

(+20 XP)

Captain, careful! That geode, it contains Chatoyant Moolite crystals. No industrial use, but they are generally popular in jewelry, and Rigellan consider them lucky. Get it in the hold carefully.

(+30XP, +300Cr)

Careful, Captain, quite a bit of that ore is flying loose… Oh, wait. There is quite a bit of wreckage in that. It must be old, and there are only a few pieces of the ship left. It must have been a bad crash.

(2-5 units of a low level ship salvage resource}

Careful, captain, a lump of ore shot out… NOT ORE! EVASIVE MANEUVERS! SHUTTING DOWN MINING LASER!
Captain, I think we are safe. That looks like a Vortan small munition shell, and sensors say it can still detonate. I can deploy a marking beacon and notify local authorities.

(+100XP, +100Cr)

Careful, captain, a lump of ore shot out… NOT ORE! EVASIVE MANEUVERS! BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!
Captain, are you OK? That was a small munitions shell, and it looks like there are a few more. They are small stealth missiles of Menzar design. I’ll mark this area for authorities, but we have to get repairs done now.

(-20% mining laser Durability, -25 Hull damage, +50 XP)