Possible quantity error in Commodities mission from Oceania

see attached screen shots

Quantity requested is 75. One can only buy in lots of 10, 50, 100 (maybe more). If quantity is correct, then mission text should say ‘you can do whatever you want with the extra amount’, or something like that.

Update to Search & Rescue chain above -
Also third mission in chain is asking for quantity of 85 Detection Systems.

This is an interesting Point. I’ll chat with Prev about this one today and get this resolved one way or another. As you ‘can’ get 75, you just need to buy 80 and then sell the remaining Five, but both for crafting and NPC missions that could be asking a little too much.

Leave it with us a short while and I’ll get back to you.


There were a few missions where these ‘odd’ amounts had crept in. I have this morning resolved them rounding them all down to the nearest ‘divisible by 10’.

I’ll make sure any subsequent missions requiring TC’s meet the same criteria.