Problem with trade commodities after crafting

The bug is related to the recent discussion about using commodities in crafting. Just yesterday my toon Daven made the first build that required alltogether 180 commodities (Grazer Starbug). They were used in the crating and everything went well. Now I wanted to trade as usual but it looks like the system thinks I still have them in my cargo hold. My trade allowance is 280. I just bought 100 commodities and I can’t buy more beacuse I’m told I used all the space, as if those 180 from crafting were still on board. While in my cargo bay I can see only just bought 100. Commodity Vendor info is: Trade Allowance: 280 / Current Useage: 280.

Following discussion in the chat, this has now been resolved, but has highlighted an issue within the crafting that needs to be addressed.

If anyone else is suffering this issue (following crafting) please let me know.

Not a crafting problem but a similar problem with Trade Allowance/Current Usage. My character “Suzy 2” has a Trade Allowance of 180. Current Usage shows 180 as well. But, in the cargo hold there are 9 commodities totaling only 160 units. Wow, I am really a problem child today, aren’t I? Thanks for the help.