Project Terran Added to Bug Track

So we can better track and aid players in their Bug reports I have this morning added Project Terran to the Bug Track System:

We have used this for over 10 years now on Core-Exiles and it ensures we can respond and resolve your issues in the quickest and most logical way.

You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one. (If you already have logged bugs for Core-Exiles you can use the same account).

When logging a bug simply select ‘Project Terran’ as the project and fill in all the boxes as requested. It saves both you and us a lot of time asking questions that should be covered in the opening bug reports.

You will get emailed updated and progress on your Bug report and can login and review its progress and update with pertinent responses or input at any time.

Best Wishes


I followed the link, but I didn’t see any register button for registering a new account.
For me it didn’t matter, because I could login with my CE account (probably the captain’s name and password is shared with CE?)

Anyhow, one more remark, the list of operating systems is missing “Windows 10”.
Also the other listboxes for memory, processor and screen resolution are somehow out of date.

Apologies, the login section had been removed a while back due to spammers. You can either login using your CE email and password, or if you dont play CE simply create a new account (now) on the Bug Track site.

The create account link is (now) visable on the front login page, along with a password reset option.

I will see to updating the ‘System requirements sections’.


Hi Coops,
Could you add the this link to the bugtrack in Project Terrans burger menu?