Project Terran Give Away - Play and Claim

As you may have noticed I have started running a few giveaways in the games Discord Chat. These have been published in the game footer and are an opportunity when you ‘see them’ to come into chat and claim your reward.

I will cycle the rewards over the November December Period. So keep your eye on the Footer News in the game and when you see a should out to come in to chat simply use the footer chat icon and enter your captain’s name or if you already have the Discord chat app installed come in and say hi and claim the current prize.

The best way is to grab my Attention using the ‘@Coops’ with your text claiming the prize.

This week If you have not already (starting today)

Claim a 500 Fuel Ticket for your Depot!
Plus 300 Terran Store Credits!

This Shout will run from today till Midnight on the 9th December

Each week I will come in HERE and edit the rewards. Claim any time during the week as Long as you’ve seen the footer new saying its active.

I always check my Discord chat for any @Coops mentions so even if its late and I’m not around you’ll get your reward.

PLEASE NOTE: These rewards should ONLY be claimed once per Account. Pick any toon in your account but just the once please :slight_smile:

Happy Hunting!


P.S have you ALSO seen the offer over on Facebook ? Check out our offer and claim one set per Account this month. Over HERE

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This weekends shout @coops and claim your reward is 500 Terran Store Credits!
Get them whilst they are on offer!


Once more active All weekend! See the post in game come grab me in chat!

Another weekend of giving away 500 TSC’s for stopping by the chat and giving a shout @Coops.

One set of TSC’s per account as the TSC’s are added to an account.

Have a great weekend!