Project Terran PvP

I ma new to this game and I have to say its great. Everything works well and I enjoy developing my character here.
But I think the spice is in PvP. PvE may become boring at some point.
On the other hand, having not to worry if someone will destroy your ship while you are in your real life, is precious.
A balance of safety and competition is the recipe for a top class game, I believe.
Please give us PvP in this game.

Have fun

One could think of an arena for PvP.
Same combat interface as regular orbit area, only in PvP it is possible to attack other players.

Maybe also important that a hull breach would not make you loose all your equipment. Only a small loss of credits/resources that’s given to the winner of the battle.

indeed such an outcome, that leaves the player that lost the battle his ship and equipment with only needs of repairs, is a very stress-free . The players with weak ships will not worry too much and the strong ones will have their guns in use without ruining others’ invested playtime.

Perhaps a test in a specific sector of the map can give a good idea of the players’ reaction to the PvP in this nice game.

I hope we will see it soon.