Project Terran Starter Mission Guides and Much Much More

Ok first off a few words from me.

Have finished all the mission chains in Terra and even the one in Arlington. Have found them a great deal of fun and also the system used works very well… So great work Coops and Prev.

Reason im posting this in the guides section is :smile:

A link to my new Project Terran Fan site . Hope you all find this site of use and ill try my best to keep it up to date.

Thanks for the feed back Droffy. These were the thin edge of a VERY large wedge of NPC missions that will expand as I continue to pen them up.

They were more so I could learn the new methods and systems and also test them out. But also for you the testers to give feedback if the systems didnt make sense or there were issues.

Grats on the Support Site! I’ll see about adding it to the main portal.

I have a spreadsheet showing the skills tree as it was a week ago. Things are always changing right…
Anyway, would you like it for the fan site?

Drop Izzy a line in game with how to send it.

Hi Pablem. Thanks for the offer… Have sent you an in game PM to Izzy. Always appreciate any info i can provide that helps us all… If anyone else has info etc they would like to see on the PTFZ site, then please let me know or pm me so i can give you an address to send it to.


I have added a link for you to the side menu in the game… will see how we go for space in the menu down the line but for now there is plenty to slip it in there :smile:

Thanks MR P. awesome stuff