Project Terran TSC Store

I made a Ship Storage Increase purchase through the store yesterday however the capacity of my Frontier-Bosun has not increased. I currently have 95 capacity from 65 ship base + 2 x FR4 expanders at 15ea.

I don’t recall if or what the acknowledgement message said when purchase was made so not sure if I am meant to do something else. My only prior purchase was the ship itself and it was placed in my hold instantly.

Captain is Daft Karma btw, Thanks

Having just checked the database, your Ship Store max capacity is up to 25 from the default 20.

The ship store cannot be changed with the chassis, nor can it be increased with Expanders. Are you sure you are looking at the right stat ? This is Ship Store, not Cargo or Freight ?

You are correct, I read “store” but assumed “freight” would be added, my apologies and I dare-say the extra storage will suit my hoarding tendencies sooner or later.