Promenade search change

I wanted to toss out something regarding the promenade search, and a way it could become more interactive. what if on our home screen, or somewhere else there is a promenade search exp? so you say what sense does that make? well allow me to explain.

Right now for examples sake I’ll say everyone gets 25 promenade searches per day, that more than likely is wrong but the example needs a number. what if you get promenade xp every time you find something on the promenade? the better the thing you find the more promenade exp you get, so miracle cure and a point would give more than finding $19. the benefit to this would be base searches is 25, but when you level up from a level 1 searcher to a level 2 you get 2 more searches per day. so each time you level your searching level you get 2 more searches per day.

I offer this suggestion because currently at the midnight rollover you do your searches and it’s done for 24 hours. there isn’t much actual interaction involved with it, it’s just done and done until the next day. it would add another aspect to the game, and give us another thing to level, and as everyone knows we all like levels in any form.

now if I may expand and make @prevuk regret reading this…what if for better success at higher level stations/cities you need a higher searching level. star base 51 would be say level 0-2, and new Orion would be 3-5, try new Orion before having level 3 search level and you’ll find nothing more often.

So anyone agree or disagree? just looking for a way to spice up prom searches so it’s not a done and done sysstem.


I like this idea; throwing level and skill components in there makes it more than a random series of clicks.

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True, I don’t see a level 30 master criminal stooping to pick up $50. It would be beneath them. But you aren’t going to find $500 just lying around either that you didn’t find at a lower level.

I see the promenade search as a scraping the bottom of the garbage bin type of exercise. Everyone finds the same stuff and there should come a point in your career where it is beneath you.

I would suggest that searches entail a cost to your respect/rank after a certain point, except the game doesn’t have that. Maybe it could cost xp?

Well, to follow your line of reasoning, a master thief could be looking through a better part of the promenade; over time, he could become skilled enough to get into areas where the wealthy live, for example. Perhaps have two options, like being able to choose fewer clicks but can give you street cred, or more/same clicks but a loss of street cred. Maybe street cred can unlock special, high nerve crimes that are more profitable than normal crimes, but require street cred as an additional prerequisite?

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