Promenade Storage Facility Primer

A Quick introduction to the Promenade Storage Facility (PSF)

Soon to be dotted around you will find the PSF Offices, which are located on promenades. Initially they will be placed at the four main hubs, but likely spread further as time goes on. The first, and currently only PSF is located on Divinity Station. Clicking the link on the promenade will take you to the PSF Office:

Here you will see items that you have stored (if any). In the top right you will see the space available to you. By default, you will have 20 spaces, and these will be expandable in batches of 5 slots via upgrades.

When you click an item in the left pane, you will get the info screen in the right, as below:

If you are docked at a location with a PSF you will see the blue button to transfer the item to your ship. It will check that you are docked, that you are at a location with a PSF, and that you have enough space in the ship. If ANY of these criteria fail, the button will not appear.

The same criteria apply when you are in your ship store, except it will check the space in your PSF rather than your ship. the button also reflects that you will be transferring to the PSF rather than to the ship:

It is a very simple process, which you should find easy to use. As always, if you are stuck, or something seems wrong, then please shout…

There is a sell button currently on the PSF and in the Ship Store. This will likely be removed, as currently there are no plans to be able to sell anything to an “NPC”. Civillian items will have no value, and all other items (which will be crafted) will be sold through an emporium style system.

I have modified both the PSF and the Ship Store now to remove the sell button. Instead, you will now have a delete button when viewing the item:

The green button will be used later for another use. For now it is a dead button.

This screenshot was taken from the shipstore, but will show the same in the PSF.