Recycling Skill Claim

Following the changes today to recycling, if any of your characters are missing the Recycling skill, please post here with your character name(s) and we will add the skill for you.

Please check before posting that you do not have it. You will find it under industry:

One character doesn’t. Nica, profession hauler. Account, CopperDragon.

Skill added to Nica for you @CopperDragon.

Characters Ministo and Batalanto would like to claim the Recycling skill.
Thanks in advance.

All done, both characters now have the skill @Testudo


All three don’t have recycling in Industry category :frowning:

All done @pikolinianita for all 3 characters, sorry for the delay!

Thank you Prevuk. :slight_smile:

Capt. easyjaws
Capt. slow down Ashley

Thank you

All done for you @Easyjaws :slight_smile: