Refinery Interface Tweaks

I have been tweaking the interface this morning on the Refinery screen, so thought I would post in case anyone thinks it is a bug.

Up until now you would see a full list of your resources stored in your GSF on the refinery screen. I have modified this to now only show resources that can be refined. This should with luck make the process a lot more streamlined…


Love this change, thanks @prevuk, as I progress further and further into testing and playing it’s most certainly going to make life easier! :smile:


yes. I was scrolling and scrolling to find Thracium in the list.
This should be a great help.

Love this change… It was quite painful scrolling down through my vast swath of resources… thanks @prevuk awesome work sir.

I have made some further tweaks to this this afternoon…

You will now see that the bar on the left is red if you do not have the necessary skill to refine a resource. If you have the skill it remains the standard colour.

I have also removed the big red popup warning on entering the refinery if you have no refining skill, though everything is disabled in the refinery, you cannot do anything.

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