Refinery - Primer Post

The refinery has now been assembled, and is available for testing. Here follows a very quick primer on the process to get you started, but you should find it is fairly logical.

When accessing the refinery (one in each of the four main hubs) you will be presented with the following screen:

(your display will differ as it will depend what you have in your GSF!)

In the left pane, you will see the contents of your GSF, where all refining and crafting (coming soon) activities will feed from. If you click on one of the resources in the left pane, the right pane will update to reflect this. Clicking on Kelsalt for example, will show the following:

As you will no doubt see in the image above, you will be shown the return you will get from the refining batch. You can also see your skill level in the right pane. Each resource has a seperate skill for refining. As you level up your skills, your output will increase.

Once you have chosen your resource, have the necessary skill, and are happy with the output, you can select to process the batch.

The number of sessions you can have active is based on your skills (again) so the higher your skill, the more batches you can have running at once. With batches active, you will see the following screen:

This screen displays your active sessions at the top, and completed sessions at the bottom. On the active jobs, you will see the batch name, the location, the time remaining, and a small icon. Hovering over the small icon will show a popup giving you the list of resources your batch will create.

Once the timer has completed, the batches will appear in the completed list. From here you can collect the batch from the refinery. You must be at the location where you started the batch to collect it. All resources are deposited back to your GSF ready for crafting.

Just to clarify, all resources are processed in batches. The batch size differs with each resource. As long as you have the skill, and sufficient raw material, you will see the green process button. If the button is not there, at least one short message will be to guide you.

And there you have it. Nice and simple, not really much more to say. You should find the info displayed on each screen should be clear and concise, so if something is not working, check the messages on the screens in front of you before posting bugs.

Bug reports and feedback are of course welcome…

See how you get on with it…


With level 4 refining skill I could start 2 sessions concurrently.
My Miner toon, Quark, has refined 4 batches now and collected the crafting resources.
I’ll try another resource in the comming days, but in the game I’ld probably finish leveling skills 1 by 1, to optimise the yeild.

Nice pictures.
I saw no bugs.

Excellent, thanks for the feedback.

With level 4 refining, you should be able to start 4 sessions ? (funds permitting of course)

No, it allows 2 batches to be processed concurrently with 100k credits.
Also I needed to collect the crafting resources, before I could start another 2 batches.

I Have Level 4 refining and can refine up to 4 batches at a time.

Just to clarify the session principle when dealing with refinery batches.

You are permitted to have 1 session per level of refining.

A session counts as a session until it is collected (even if the timer has expired, it is still in the refinery until you click collect, so is still viewed as an “active” session)

If you have 2 completed batches, and level 4 in refining, then you would be able to run 2 new batches making a total of 4. Once you have collected the completed batches, then you can run 2 more.

I hope this makes sense ? :smile:

Ah that’s it. I have level 4 in refining Thracium…level 2 in refining.

A note should be added explaining that most ores will produce multiple products. Replacing the Kelsalt refining page with a different ore would help as an example.