Regarding placing orders for SPECIFIC ships/equipment

Hi there.

I was wondering if there was a system in place similar to the Galactic Buyer’s Market, but one instead for ship chassis and ship equipment? If there isn’t one, is there any feature in-game that can fulfill that purpose?

I know that messaging promenade shop owners for specific requests is an option, but an easy interface similar to the GBM would be great.

I’ve been browsing the Galactic Emporium Interface (GEI) and I can’t quite find all of the chassis/equipment I’d need for my characters.


Hi @Larkest,

If you open up the burger menu (icon at the top left) and look for the crafting database, you can browse through all the available items in the game, and once you have found what you want, click on the button “Place Crafting Request”

This will then be visible to all other players, where the crafters can get in touch so that you can negotiate price, delivery etc.

HTH :smiley:

Mmm thanks. This fills the need. Thank you!