Request A Ship - Please read

As stated in my earlier post on ‘What is Project Terran’ Ships in the game will be player crafted. Of course we have not got Crafting working yet. So in the mean time IF you have reached a point where you can now make use of a ship with more load out points please ask us for a new ship.

We are initially only giving you the base Marauder so you can get used to the game and the mechanics. Once you have skilled up and purchased your items and are ready to expand and open up some new slots - just ask.

@Droffy I have upgraded your ship as request today.


Could i have an upgraded ship Please Mr C

It was updated (Toon Droffy) before i posted this post. If its not displaying a different ship / Image and some more slots open please let me know. This is a grade 2 type ship with 2 Weps, 2 Mining, 2 Expanders and 2 Systems.

Sorry Sir Only saw your post in work. Have not had a chance to check as i dont have the log in page details at work and was unable to find it lol

I’ve also gotten to the point in my mining career that I could use an extra slot for a second laser, so could I have a new ship too? Thanks!

Second level ‘General’ Ship added.


My toons Suzie Quatro and Quark both like a better ship for extra expanders, reactors and mining lasers. Can you fix that Coops? Thanks upfront :slight_smile:

Second ship type added.

Danny The Gruff would love a better Hauler ship MR C… Pretty please

@Droffy Danny The Gruff ship upgraded.

Blondie also wants to play with the big boys, can you upgrade her ship Coops?

All done Blondie’s ship is type 2 now.

Thank you very much !

Blondie is back, ready for a 2nd expander. Can you give her a better ship, please?

Blondie has been upgraded…

Heya Coops!

Having a blast! My Fountaine is ready for a new ship with more power and cargo space. Additional loud-outs would be cool to explore.

Also, my miner 5hortpants is running up on power restrictions, and it sure would be neat to try out several drills at once- leveling up as a miner is a slow slog, and the extra drills and power load-outs might help with that.


Hi Shortpants. This thread was initially opened as at the time there was no other means of actually acquiring a new ship. You may well find that now there are schematics for ships and new skill trees to be learned that this thread is no longer valid.

But that is for Mr P or Mr C to sort out… Just letting you and any other new testers that see this thread know why it here at all :smile:

As Per Droffy’s response.

This post was initially there for Phase one. There are now Schematics for the first 17 low end player made ships. These are not ‘that hard’ to craft and in doing so will give those who choose to do so a grounding in ship building.

A few Marauder - Aegis have been crafted already and I know one player is collecting to craft a Marauder - Astral.

This post Ship Chassis - Explained explains the ship chassis types.

At this time for second phase we thought it best that player move into their second ship through their own efforts. But if you guys find it too hard please let us know. Knowing where to set the bar is not an exact science.


I just tried to go to the post linked here, I get a message ‘Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!’ instead.

This thread was from the early stages of Alpha, before crafting and schematics had been added.

The free ships are no longer being offered, as they are easy to obtain now.