Sad Salvage Scenarios

Hi Everyone,

The Random Number Generator Gods Strike Again!

I just wanted to report on a common occurrence to see if others are finding similar results.

I recently Killed 5 units in Law Level 7 (Eden / Krantor) while working towards the 675 Plasma Channel Sections I need for a scanner. Below are my spoils…

Air Regulator 31 units
Braxan Station High Grade Ore Exports 3 units
Bulk Head Units 19 units
Chemical Storage Units 22 units
Data Display Unit 23 units
Data Integrity Unit 11 units
Electronic Sub Systems 11 units
Engineering Module 13 units
Feltonite 4 units
Manufactured Tri-Alloy Steel 15 units
Neugen Data Storage Devices 30 units
Pollux Radioactive Stocks 10 units
Power Node Junction 19 units
Thermal Calibration Device 20 units

Note that zero Plasma Channel Sections dropped while other items dropped as many as 20-30+.

What I need the most drops the least…or not at all. (shaking fist toward the heavens)

I realize this is a common complaint that falls on the deaf ears of the RNG Gods, but it seems like Plasma Channel Sections drop less frequently than many of the other items, so I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Also, the frequency of Kills that leave no salvage behind is too high IMO. How about lowering the frequency of zero salvage occurrences?

Lastly, the amount of time before a salvage pile “disappears” after a kill is too short IMO. It would help if that time could be increased.



Hi there,

Sat here this afternoon whilst waiting for a file copy and ran a quick Combat / Salvage test.

I used a normal Civ Salvage Laser (X2) and killed 5 Ships and 1 Turret in same field as you reported.

This is what I salvaged :slight_smile:

Air Regulator 28 units
Bulk Head Units 54 units
Chemical Storage Units 27 units
Data Display Unit 33 units
Data Integrity Unit 35 units
Electronic Sub Systems 44 units
Engineering Module 44 units
Manufactured Tri-Alloy Steel 33 units
Neugen Data Storage Devices 28 units
Power Node Junction 28 units
Plasma Chanel Sections 36 units
Thermal Calibration Device 28 units

As you can see from this there was no let up on the ‘missing loot’ item. I think you may find your ‘data snap shot’ was possibly a little small to call any issues here.

At this time loot from wrecks is literally random from the salvage set. As for ‘kills = no wrecks’ and 'timeout on salvage - these were / are balanced against game mechanics to ensure players use multi slots on ships or work together (or your own alts together).

As a sweetener and as a thank you for the post I sent you the 36 PCS that I looted.


Hi Coops,

Thanks for the reply and for the helpful goodies! :slight_smile:

Yes, five kills is a very small sample size and I certainly understand how RNGs work as both a gamer and a hobby programmer. Of course, I’ve had good luck with RNGs as well, so it all works out fairly with enough “coin flips.”

I’ve been salvaging since combat was implemented and here’s a list of some of the items I have:

Bulk Head Units 1,763 units
Chemical Storage Units 1,683 units
Data Display Unit 1,635 units
Data Integrity Unit 1,733 units

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact number of Plasma Channel Sections since I’ve used them for crafting, but my guestimate is closer to 1000 or so.

Here’s one more small sample size ‘anomaly’ – I destroyed 4 Bruwar-Class Turrets this morning, and 3 of the 4 did not drop any salvage. (sigh) Quite frustrating as those take much longer to kill.

Well, the RNG Gods will eventually smile on those willing to show persistence, so I’m off to erase some more evil AI ships from the universe.

Thanks again for sharing your spoils! I do appreciate it.


Just a random though: Could your cargo bay be full, by any chance? With all the loot…
Other than that, I can assure you that salvage res selection is completely random.
As for the chance for enemies to leave a wreck, it should be around 75%. Seems it’s simply bad luck.
Anyway, thanks for reporting^^

I’m after the same Plasma Channel Sections as you. As DeepOne has pointed, since my Miner has only 13 Cargo Bay slots, I have to make sure I have an open slot when I find the Plasma Channel. The Cargo Bay gets filled with the ore that I’m mining, plus the Trade items that I find.

If I look at the total of everything that I have, the numbers do seem to average out to between 7.3% & 9.6% for each item.

I’m not 100% certain, but I do think that some of the wrecks have disappeared before I could salvage everything.