Salvage Resources Reference?

Hi Everyone!

I’m familiar with Droffys’ Fan Site and I am using the Project Terran Resource Chart, but I have yet to find a listing or reference for Salvage Resources or Trade Commodities.

Does a Salvage Resource listing exist? I’m guessing not yet as salvage drops have just been introduced with combat. How about a Trade Commodities reference?

I currently have three new schematics which have crafting resources which I cannot locate. I’m guessing that they are all salvage drops, but even though I have salvaged a number of LL6 ships, I have not seen the following resources: Bio Weapon Tech, Atmosphere Units, Electrical Components, Cortez Construction Alloys, Amsha Inert Refined Gas.

Are these Trade Commodities I just haven’t found, or does anyone know if they are salvage drops from ships with a higher LL level than 6?

Thanks for the help!


I haven’t been checking out Droffy’s for a while now, but the last time I did, it was already outdated. I wouldn’t count on getting useful information about recent changes from there any time soon.
That said, I don’t know if a salvage resource list exists and personally I didn’t salvage enough to know all the resources that exist. I think you should be able to guess that from the resources you can request in the GBM though.
As for the mentioned resources: As far as I know, those are all commodities. The last two are “named” commodities, which you can find on the corresponding stations/planets. The first three should be obtainable within 25 distance units (do they even have a name?) from Terra. Good Luck :wink:

Hey KalleK,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve focused more on mining and hauling so I guess I just missed seeing what commodities there are. Thanks for the tip, I’ll go hunt them down.

Don’t forget folks there is nothing stopping anyone from setting up a PT Reference Fan site. I suspect Droffy’s ‘Real Life’ got in the way. I know his firm got REAL busy end of last year and hes been up to his armpits in work ever since.


I can answer the immediate question…
The Salvaged Goods (that I know of) are:

Air Regulator
Bulk Head Units
Chemical Storage Units
Data Display Unit
Data Integrity Unit
Electronic Sub System
Engineering Module
Manufactured Tri-Alloy Steel
Neugen Data Storage Devices
Plasma Channel Sections
Power Node Junction
Thermal Calibration Device