Salvage Spot Navigation


I’ve noticed that after combat when I hop back to base to switch from a weapon to a salvage laser, when I return to the combat screen I am often placed very far away from the salvage spot.

Hmm… Let’s see, does my ship not have navigational instruments? Are my piloting skills such that I don’t remember where I destroyed a baddie just moments earlier? :slight_smile:

I understand why player ships move at a glacial pace for reasons of combat, however when you are placed on the opposite end of the map from a salvage spot it takes sooooo looong to fly across the map to that point.

Would it be possible to add some code to have our ships appear next to the salvage seeing as our high tech navigational equipment should allow us to do?

Of course, I realize this issue will become a moot point once I have a ship with 2 weapon slots and no longer need to return to a planet to switch weapon and salvage laser, but still…


Currently, the tile player appears in is completely random. If you re-enter, it’s a different tile each time. You can kind of abuse this mechanics in order to get closer to the wreck.

Nah, all movement outside combat uses jump drive :wink: And it is known to be unprecise at such small scale (in system navigation you do not notice it^^) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maneuvering speed of different chassis types varies greatly, btw

Situation 1: You + another player kill an enemy together. He leaves combat, re-appears a second later - next to salvage and starts collecting your goods! You: :anguished: :rage:

Situation 2: More than one wreck. Where should you appear?

Thanks for the reply…all good points.

Also, the need to have two weapon slots just spurs players on to get that new ship. :slight_smile: