Schematic: Vampyre Combat Scanner

The schematic for the Vampyre Combat Scanner contains 75 units of one trade commodity and 85 units of another trade commodity.

This is not consistent with the fact that one can buy trady commodities only per 10 units. So one has to pick up 80 and 90 units respectively and after the crafting job, 5 units each stay in the cargo bay.

Could you please adapt the schematic to 80 units of each trade commodity? That would bring it in line with the granularity of the Commodity Vendor interface.

There are now just over 700 craftingh schematics in game and a handful of these had managed to move into the +5 range on resources 9 and 10. I have recitified these this morning. Some up some down.


Could you please check the Vampyre Combat Scanner again though?
It seems you have missed the change of the 75 units of Commercial Technology.

Lol how typical is that I went looking to see how many were awkward to build and missed fixing the one you reported on, my aplogies.


You could always do combat missions in the sector until 5 of the needed commodity drop, then you don’t have to worry about buying them. The only down side is that it might be awhile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: