Search the Promenade

I recently made changes to the promenade search, meaning it is not a one click wonder. How about another slight modification working off the same system.

Instead of getting your full allowance of searches in one hit at rollover, perhaps we should trickle them to the players. Maybe every hour, or every few hours, so during the course of a day they could keep coming back for a look?

There would of course still be a maximum per day.


Is some ways that is good, but for players like me who have work etc that would deffinately suck if you lost out because you could not get on every hour.

Tho perhaps they could accrue so that you can spend 1 each hour or wait 6 hours and get 6 etc… taht would be cool

That is essentially what I am suggesting… they mount up during the day but there would always be a maximum per day

As discussed yesterday, I’m all for this change sir. Long as the wording is changed on the actual screen to reflect / educate the player to this fact, but yes a great idea in my mind.


I am all for this also. As long as they bank up to the maximum allowed which are cleared at roll over you get a thumbs up from me.

Would it be difficult to rather have a running 24 hours rather than a roll-over? Depending on the RL time zone you are playing in an all or nothing by x time may make using all your searches impossible ig they accumulate until a clock time and are then erased.

Personally i think the 24 hour roll over is fine… we will all have times we dont make it, but that is life and we should not get the boon of a carry over just because we cant make it a certain time or day

just putting in my penny’s worth of thought.

I like the idea of getting X amount of searches every Y amount of time. however, what if when you don’t use them before the next bunch is added after Y amount of time not all of them carry over?

for example (these numbers are not game accurate just for examples sake).
every hour you get 3 searches, but if not used then only 2 carry to the next hour.
in hour 1 you get 3 searches, if not used then only 2 carry over to the next hour.
so then in hour 2 you have 5 searches, 2 + the 3 new ones for the new hour. if not used only 2 from hour 2 carry over.
hour three you have 4 + 3 from the new hour, if not used then only 2 from hour three carry over

reading previous posts I don’t think folks would be for it, but thought I’d toss it out there anyway. even if the time frame was set to something like four hours so it wouldn’t be too much of a loss when added up, just a little benefit for those who check in every Y amount of time.

While i’m not totally against your idea players will not be online 24 hours a day (unless your Bebeb the robot :wink: ) So with that in mind i think sticking withe current format works at least for now

got to say I just log on and hit the prom until it tells me go away. not in the spirit of searching I agree. so I would agree with holiday as that would benefit the active player but not penalise the casual player much. otherwise its best just to all hits once a day and bank asap