Shield question

Ok, my first Pandora is eventually being crafted (a few more hours to go), now I am concerned about which shield to use for it.
More precisely, what could be the minimum shield size so that the ship itself does not pick damage from random damage events? will my current 160 shield points (H.T.A Power Shield R1) be enough until I craft a better one, or should I do that first, and which one?

Polestar-Pandora? Well, iirc it’s armor+hull = 3000 points. Obviously, 160 shield points aren’t much compared to that. I’d say, it’s quite likely that damage gets through the shield. You can try equipping it and flying around until you get a damage event - then you’ll know the order of magnitude. And then you can decide if you wait for better shields or equip more generators or simply install a repair system.

Oops, my fault, I meant Polestar, NOT Pandora.
Seems a lapsus as the Polestar-Pandora is my future target and I am skilling towards, past the inital Polestar.

LOL, you don’t know how happy that makes me. I though for a minute I had left a Zero off the training time for a Pandora :slight_smile: Heart attack over :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, it is all scheduled but will still take me months; the longer part left will be skilling to be able to USE them.

Well, eventually I took the risk; I was expecting to get slightly bigger range of random damage, thinking that the Polestar (starter one, still listed in the small ships) was bigger than a Marauder, but apparently they must be the same size: the random damages range is in the same bracket so far, with same shield equiped.