Shields not regen

I noticed that my shields are not regenerating for more than 20 minutes now.
It started a bit before Dec 13th 20:38.

I checked on the discord chat and Rinvor has the same problem. So it seems to be some general server thing, hence logging this report…

With the risk of possible hull breach when continuing playing, I consider this a critical issue!

It seems to be working again!

At 21:37 (game time) I noticed that shields were halfway full again

We have been having a few issues with the service running the tickers… we are monitoring and working on it, so things may be a little up and down for a few hours.

I will update this thread with more info as I have it.

Good Morning,

I have not done any combat for a while, but today I too noticed that my shields are not regenerating.

While it does make combat more challenging, I’d have to say I prefer them to regenerate. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this.

An update…

Okay, my shields are regenerating for my hauler just fine…but still not for my fighter.

Strange but true…

I thought that might narrow your debug search.

And 15 minutes later…

Now my Fighter’s shield are regenerating again…so who knows.

It may have just been a problem earlier this morning.

The issues with the regen should now be sorted, please let us know if you see any issues.

Please check again, this issue seems to be re-occuring again today.