Ship Chassis - Explained

We have broken the ships in to FIVE Chassis Types. Each chassis type will require the correct corresponding Skill to be learnt. New players are given a Marauder. This is the only ship that does not require any skills to fly.

The Chassis lines are laid out like this:

Marauder - Entry Level Chassis Ships - 1 Starter + 3 Crafted.
Frontier - Hauler Class Chassis Ships. 4 Crafted.
Raven - Combat Class Chassis Ships. 4 Crafted.
Deepcore - Miner Class Chassis Ships. 4 Crafted.
Polestar - Multi Role 1 Crafted.

The skills for these are spread between Merlin Certification Corporation & Rylan Education Systems. The first four skill types are all standard curve learning times but the Polestar is more agressive in its skill times as it is a multi role chassis.

The idea here is that a player is given a Marauder. They can fly it until they are ready to upgrade. During that time they can review ships that can be crafted and decide their chosen profession / goal for the toon.

Once they know what Chassis line they wish to follow they pick up that skill and learn ‘that’ chassis. If they want to put it off for a while they can learn Marauder and simply spread out into one of the early entry level ships.

Tomorrow I will add the Schematics for 16 Player made ‘low level ships’. These will be for sale via Tolarn Industries.

As we progress I will add more advanced Schematics to each Chassis line and they will then expand each line.


In case i didnt post this earlier :

All the schematics for the initial runs on these Chassis are now in game. I have kept them as low in resource value as I dare so as to make them accessible.

These ships will be your ‘move out of starter’ ships. As such you will need to decide which chassis type to go for. they all require at east one chassis skill to use and one to craft.

In total this first wave give us 17 Ship Schematics. Grab them from a Tolarn Industries.