Ship Chassis Update Coming

We have been doing some calculations on the range of ship chassis that we currently have, and the range of chassis that we intend to add, and it has come to our attention pretty quickly that we are going to need to shuffle slightly the range that are currently in the game.

This will mainly affect the Marauder range, but will also touch onto the Tier 1 Ships (Frontier, Deepcore and Raven)

We are having to make this change so that we can offer a decent curve for you all to work through, and with this a logical stat range through these ships.

The main change that you will see is that the Marauder range will be reduced down to JUST the standard Marauder. The rest of the range (the Aegis, the Astral and the Odyssey) will be retired, and no longer available. This means that all new captains will start in the standard Marauder, then will need to choose the path that they want to take, and start working toward the Tier 1 Ships, The Frontier, Deepcore and Raven (or the Polestar if you want something more multi-role, but this will be more expensive, and require more training to get into!)

The Tier 1 ships will then have a slight tweak, and you may find that your choice of ship may lose a slot, but then may gain a slot.

Obviously, this is not ideal, and we would have preferred if this was noticed before we opened up the doors, but it is unfortunately a change that will be happening over the next few days. We are still finalising the stats on the chassis range, but will announce closer to the time when we are making the switch.

If you have purchased any of the affected ship chassis with TSC, we will be contacting you directly over the next day or two.

If you are currently in one of the extended Marauders, please start now with training to move into one of the Tier one ships (they all require one skill at level one, the Polestar is of course more expensive than the specialised chassis)

We will do all that we can to make this transition as painless as possible, but of course we appreciate your support and understanding :smile:

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OK, we have now completed putting together all the stats on the new chassis range, so we can announce the day, and process that this will take place.

To give you all time to get yourselves sorted out, we are going to make this change this coming Friday, the 6th November

We will close the game for a short period at 12:00 noon Game Time (shown in the footer in the game) and expect the game to be offline for approximately 1 hour. This may be longer or shorter, but either way we will keep this thread updated.

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, can we please ask you to do the following:

  1. Deliver any Freight that you have on board, and DO NOT take any more.
  2. Move any spare items out of your ship into the GSF or PSF

If you want to be super helpful, you can strip your ship of all fittings, and move these into the PSF also. This will make the transition far easier for us, and likely result in a shorter period of downtime.

To make life easier, we are going to move everyone into a standard base Marauder. This will give you a ship that you can use/fly if you don’t already have a chassis upgrade. If you do, this will be in your PSF ready for you to swap into.

As stated above, this is not an ideal situation, but is required so that the transition through the ship chassis ranges is far smoother for you down the line.

We will send out a couple of global mail in-game mail reminders through the week, but appreciate your assistance.

Will it be possible to have a table with the different ships and their stats/slots ?
This would be very important for planning progression.

Also, if one is stilll in a base marauder, do we need to clear the holds and strip kit as well?
Does that only apply for anyone in other ships?

You know me: I have NO problem stripping :smile:

Yes, we will be making available the stats of the ships so that you can so you can plan ahead. I will be working on this through the week (amongst lots of other things) so should be available in the next few days…

If you are still in a base Marauder, then no, you need do nothing at all :smile:

I though we were leaving “that” Rexx in CE ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I bought a Deepstar Neptune because it has 3 mining laser slots, among other things(cargo bay). You are saying I might lose one of my mining laser spots? Because after the crazy work i put in to save up the money to buy one that would just be a horrible kick in the crotch. Not to mention it would totally change some of my training for the next week…

Oh, loosing one mining slot would be a very, very, very bad news. :cry:

Unfortunately, yes the Neptune will be losing one of the mining slots, as will the Jupiter. The Deepcore range should only have 2 slots, so that there is progression through the mining ship range.

I appreciate this change may be bad news for some, but the fix needs to be put in place now while it affects a handful of players rather than down the line when it will affect 100’s

You will still be skilled to fly the Deepcore ships, and be on the correct path of training for the next tiers, so there will be no wasted training time.

The new slots and stats are better balanced, and provide a smoother curve through the tiers.

As the ranges stand at the moment, there are tier jumps that will cost millions of credits and take days to train, to get an increase of 75 energy and a few extra cargo space… that for me just does not work.

This change whilst not nice, is for the greater good of the game, and again, I can only apologise for inconvenience caused.

the Neptune will be losing one of the mining slots


How 'bout some grandfathered ships that can’t be transferred or sold? :smile:

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Grandfather rights are normally applied to items that you are skilled to use, but the goalposts change.

You are not skilled to use the ship you purchased, so these rights (in my opinion) are not justified.

The game is still early beta, and during beta changes are required, based on feedback from the players. Nobody saw the big picture with the ships so feedback would have been difficult, but the issue was spotted and is being rectified.

There is absolutely no justification for adding grandfathered items at this early stage of development, as the full (planned) range of items has still not been added yet.

You may possibly be losing the slot you are aiming toward, but you can increase your yield by upgrading your lasers and reactors. Once you do move up to the ships with the additional slots, you can instantly drop another laser or reactor into that slot and bump your yield with little or no work… :wink:

I sense a little resistance to this change, but it is necessary, and is happening. Sorry.

I also got myself a deepcore neptune for the 3 mining slots last week. Then I saw the announcement for the next tier and saw that the only actual improvement for me in that same path would be a third slot for a generator when I went to check out the new ships.
Then I started comparing it to the other classes and noticed the multirole might be more interesting as it had the same slots, more freight space and also 3 weapon slots.

I’m not gonna complain about losing the third slot, it is obvious that it wasn’t very balanced between the tiers as it would be a serious investment in credits and time to move up for very little rewards.
But I’m gonna ask that they also nerf the multirole to have less slots as in not have the same max slots in both weapon and mining compared to there career counterparts. And also some less freight.

The multirole will obviously be more expensive then those career ships, but I believe the choice will be fast made for most people if they would go for either a ship that is top in 1 category or for a ship that that is same tier, but equals the top in all 3 categories at a higher price.

The Tier 2 ships that are currently in game (the Envoy, Grazer, Etc) are NOT the final stats that will be active from Friday.

The new stats will be added to the game later this week for these ships, and the Tier 3 and 4 ships added, then we will make available a full tree of all the ships with Stats and Slots for you to review.

Do not make decisions based on stats that you see in game currently…

well, i’m skilled to use the ship i bought. i’m using it right now. your point is taken though

Ahh, my bad, your second character.

Not really resistance, just pining for some of the features we’re losing. Perhaps a haiku would cheer us all up?

This is real sad,
I lost a mining laser-
Deepcore Neptune nerf’d.

We know the changes are necessary, and we know that it’s still beta, so it’s to be expected. Maybe when specials come out we’ll see the benefits of going with the high-end ships of each tier?

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Typical. just bought an upgraded marauder for mining. Now I will have to start saving for a deepcore, scrap another marauder chassis and write off the180k it cost. Bet the trader who sold me it is glad he offloaded it before it became worthless.

You bought this since the announcement was posted ?

I wasn’t going to say anything, as many of us already put out money for marauder chassis management and the like, but we ought to do something for players that got themselves into upgraded marauders, like maybe treat the ship loss as an insurance claim with a 100% payout, or something. At least soften the blow for the most unfortunate among us. As for the skill purchase and time expenditure, well, maybe you guys can work up something for marauders in the future, like with the specials to make the skill remain viable.

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