Skill Tree Questions

I have mapped out the Skill tree progressions, and have seen a couple of things that seem odd.

  1. Have these skills been deleted?
    Civilian Shield Kinetic Systems
    Civilian Shield Plasma Systems
    Civilian Shield Reflective Systems

  2. Shield Thermal Systems breaks down into two branches (Kinetic & Plasma), but the Plasma Shield branch has an addition level for Shield Efficiency. Is that intended?

    • Small Shield Kinetic Systems
      -----Medium Shield Kinetic Systems
    • Shield Efficiency Systems
      -----Small Shield Plasma Systems
      --------- Medium Shield Plasma Systems
  3. Harvesting costs 45,000 credits
    Personal Harvester Deployment requires Harvesting, and costs 60,000 credits
    Commercial Harvester Deployment requires Personal Harvester Deployment, and cost 240,000 credits.
    Industrial Harvester Deployment requires Commercial Harvester Deployment, and costs 480,000 credits.
    Advanced Harvester Engineering requires Industrial Harvester Deployment, and cost ONLY 60,000 credits. Based on the progression, it seems this one is a bargain.

  4. Needle Core Laser- Kali requires 8 levels of Industrial Mining, and 8 levels of Metallurgy. The 8th level of Metallurgy takes 27d 18h 40m, that seems extreme for this level of Mining Laser.

Ad 4) note: you may skip few levels of metallurgy (and Needle Lasers) and go to Mavericks. Expensive skill required, but you’ll need them anyway :slight_smile:

We are currently looking at the skills, and there will almost certainly be some “adjustments” made in the very near future.

A Specific post will be made at the time.