Skills chain - possible discrepancy

Not sure if this is normal and intentional since the 2 chained skills are in different categories, or a missed discrepancy, so posting it here.

The skill Advanced Polestar Management costs 450,000 cr and requires Polestar System Management level 8

But when looking at the skill Polestar System Management (which should be a lesser one), it costs MUCH more:

Polestar System Management
Purchase Price: 3,285,000 cr

I think its probably intentional. Other “system management” skills cost a lot - hauler system management is just over 2 million for example and later skills cost 450k.

Hauler System Chain: (You need 8 levels in the previous skill to begin the next one.)

Quantum Mechanics 85,000
Hauler System Management 2,285,000
Advanced Hauler Management 450,000
Hydra Chassis Specialisation 2,285,000

Mining System Chain:

Structual Mechanics 85,000
Mining System Management 2,285,000
Advanced Mining Management 450,000
Dredger Chassis Specialisation 2,285,000

Combat System Chain:

Spatial Mechanics 85,000
Combat System Management 2,285,000
Advanced Combat Management 450,000
Centurion Chassis Specialisation 2,285,000

Polestar System Chain:

Advanced Sciences 85,000
Polestar System Management 3,285,000
Advanced Polestar Management 450,000
Polestar Chassis Specialisation 3,785,000

Just a side note, but whilst we recently ‘fiddled’ with the Skills recently (mining and lasers / scanners) we didn’t complete our changes. So you can expect to see Pricing on skills moved around a little.

Lots going on under the hood atm (on Dev Build) this last few months so once we have those changes out to you guys & ladies I suspect we will return our attention to things like these pricing values.