Skills - Issues in description?

I have some doubts about these skills and whether their properties are really correct:

Issue 1: Wrong training time!
‘Medium Combat Scanners’ at Titan’s shows
Training this skill from absorbtion to Max level will take: 0d 0h 0m

Issue 2: Loose end
’Merchant’ at Rylan’s does not show any prerequisite skill, whereas ALL other skills at Rylan’s do have a prerequisite skill that should be trained first.
Logically I would suspect some level of Trade skill to be trained before you could open an Emporium.

Here is the tree, where Merchant could fit into

Hi there Testudo,

I have resolved the training time (total) for Medium Combat Scanners. This set times were there it just didn’t have a total value, now fixed.

As for the Merchant Skill. We decided to not place ‘too much’ of a road block in to owning your own Emporium. Setting the cost of the skill to 10,000 and requiring 25,000 to open an Emporium ensures players don’t do it ‘too early’ but as they are likely busy juggling the skills they need we figured in this rare case to make life a little easier.


Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. Without specifications, I can only guess what could be wrong.
If Merchant skill is there by design, that is ok for me. (after all it’s your game, not mine ;-))

However I will give my way of reasoning why I would have placed it further down the skill chain.
Personally I would make it a bit more difficult to open a shop, given the physical limitation on free promenade places and shops never seem to close.
Given the ease of opening shops and given that items were not bound to character in early days of the game, it looks like many people have opened shops to get rid of their second hand (Civilian) stuff. These shops are now empty or with very few stuff left.

Currently (with items bound to character), shops are only useful to people that actually produce stuff and are willing to sell it… These are the professions in my opinion:
-> Mining / Refiner / Harvester: for raw / refined resources
-> Crafting: for crafted items
-> Salvaging? (I’m not familiar with this game play yet)
I guess only a mining profession can profit from a cheap merchant skill and quickly produce raw asteroid resources for sale straight away at start of game, the other professions need to traverse several skills before producing anything anyhow.

Recently emporium has been changed with daily maintenance fee and a possible closure of emporium when running out of credits.

I feel that my concerns on the easy opening of emporium and never closing emporiums have been tackled sufficiently, so this bug report could be closed.