Skills selection not working plus more

Not sure if I have done something, but i cant select a skill off the list to train. menu opens and displays the skill subset but clicking one just goes back to the list of skills.

selecting a paused skill off the new paused button works ok.

tried both toons and same… logged out and back in and no change.

Also my miner doesnt seem to be able to mine either. it wont select a rock to mine. Rolling over a rock displays a long text string starting “span class = yellow title…”

And another thing… Cant log into chat tonight to talk about the above! Hence a bug report.

I can confirm the same. Happened in the last few hours. Also noted that some of the rollovers are showing raw html. So I’m suspecting a template change with a typo.

Also for me…at least at this time mining is not working. Clicking on the asteroid does not initiate extracting the ores.
Game time Oct 6 00:04

I was working on a new interface feature earlier this evening, which caused a few issues, including the failed mining, and the tooltips throwing out raw html, but I finished up about 4 or 5 hours ago, and it was working when I packed up.

I have been running some tests here, including creating a completely new account in case my GM account was not displaying the same symptoms, but so far have not been able to replicate these issues… I am still working through now, but please give me some feedback, are the issues still there ?

Seems to be working now, at least the mining.

No issues here this morning running through my toons and various elements.

All seems to be working beautifully tonight :smile: