Some cargo mails appear to get lost/misdirected in transit

Yesterday evening I was mining Feltonite on my alt, sending it to my main character to refine it; I was sending it every 300 or 400 until I had the total I needed.
When I checked later on my main character, I had a shortfall corresponding to one of those never being arrived.
At this point I cannot provide evidence, since I was not expecting this, however I started sending a mail after each cargo mail.

This morning I finished refining the lot, then send a bundle of Blissar which my alt needed, as well as one such side mail right ater it.
Then I went back to my alt, waiting for both.
The side mail went directly as usual, but 2 hours later the cargo mail had not arrived.
I then switched back to my main character, and found that this cargo mail had been delivered to him instead.
Although I am quite sure that I did not place the wrong recipient in the mail sending (I definitely knew who needed it), I then tested if it was possible for a character to send itself a mail, and found out that it was possible.

What I have at this time is 2 separate issues, both cargo mail related, but no evidence going with them yet, this is more of a heads-up for what I suspect is a bug undetected so far (possibly a new bug); in short:

  • 1 cargo mail lost in transit.
  • 1 cargo mail arrived back to its sender.

As from now I will pay more attention to this, but I m not quite sure how to provide evidence, short of taking a screenshot of every single cargo sending, which still would not be evidence that it did not arrive.
I would suggest that other players pay attention to this as well, and add to this post if they also seem to get misplaced cargoes.
This is a problem I have seen over the years in a few other games, in one of them parcels were also sometimes duplicated.

Still not arrived?
I noticed that mails with attached items take very long time. A mail with ores took few hours yesterday.
Mails with credits are delivered instantly, it seems.
Could it actually be a feature? :slight_smile: I mean, transferring credits is a digital operation, moving an item (or even a full cargo load of ore) to a different star system is not an easy task.

The last I knew, cargo mails are supposed to take exactly an hour (that is the reply I got once from either Coops or Prev, I do not remember which).
The missing one from yesterday never arrived.

if you had a cargo mail taking several hours to arrive, I would also think that it was an anomaly.

Messages with Items (inc resources) attached will take 1 hour to arrive, as stated in the mailbox (orange text)

Messages with credits only, or just text are instant.

Mails cannot send to nowhere. If there is no valid captain name it will return an error. I have looked through the database and can see nothing untoward.

It was sent to him, it was not delivered by mistake.

If you get another instance, and the message has not arrived by the 1 hour mark, let me know. With a few exceptions, I am at my desk most days between 9am and 1am so can generally investigate quickly.