Some Mining Equipment Problems

I’ve run across some problems with my mining equipment. Up until today I have been able to use the 5 pieces of equipment I am presently having difficulty with. I will explain:

Character Soulilatda

Terran Hybrid Mining Scanner Class 7 (Item is presently equipped)

Skill Requirement shows: Electronic Primary Systems Level 6
Advanced Scanning Systems Level 6

I do not have Advanced Scanning 6 yet the piece of equipment is installed and has been for some time.

Character Soulilatda

Deep Core Odin (Item was equipped until just a few moments ago)
Now shows: Industrial Mining Level 4
Engineering Primary Systems level 8

Ferox Ice Miner Version 1
Ice Mining level 5
Ice Mining level 8

Feros Ice Miner Version 2
Ice Mining level 6
Advanced Ice Mining level 3

Character Suzy (Currently Equipped)

Terran Hybrid Mining Scanner Class 6
Electronic Primary Systems Level 5
Advanced Scanning Systems level 2

Not sure what the requirements were prior to today but since I haven’t acquired some of these skills I should not have been able to equip them in the first place, unless the requirements have changed, in which case I may be wasting your time. Thanks in advance.

We have made some changes today to some of the mining equipment. I have made a post on the subject:

Mining Systems Update

Ice Mining Lasers have a problem.

Ziali Ice Core Miner- Grade 1
Ice Mining Level 3
Ice Mining Level 4

Ferox Ice Miner Version 1
Ice Mining Level 5
Ice Mining Level 8

I have Level 6, but still can’t equip the Ziali. The second requirement shows up as red, (I can’t own two copies of the same skill).

The second skill has to be something independent like the Industrial Mining skill. It shouldn’t be Advanced Ice Mining as in the Ferox ver2, because that skill requires 8 levels in Ice Mining.

Well spotted Tom,

Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been away at a family funeral.

A Gremlin had crept in since we made the changes, and Advanced Ice Mining had become renamed to Ice Mining

This has now been corrected, and all lasers should work as expected. As always, please let us know if there are any issues.