Still a mail bug

It happened again, this time when I was replying to a mail Cashew sent me. He never got the reply. I checked after sending and it said it was sent. then when I asked him in chat he never received the mail. I’ve sent out other mails and didn’t get replies, but that could just be because the people didn’t want to talk to me :smile: . with the reply to Cashew however I know it actually didn’t go through for whatever reason.

Can you describe the process you are using to create and send emails @Holiday because no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot replicate this… ?

when I replied to Cashew I clicked on the title of the mail. then from within the mail screen I hit reply. then I typed my message in the text box for the body of the mail and hit send. the next screen says the important message, your mail has been sent to cashew…or whatever the exact text is.

would it be possible to add an outbox so you can see if your mail actually sent? I’m starting to wonder if this is something to do with my screen reader, but I can’t figure out why that would be. the buttons and links are all pressing correct, and I get a success message after the mail is sent, it just isn’t going through to the person.

when I send a normal mail not a reply I’ve tried both doing it from the person’s profile and by manually typing their name in the box. sometimes it will send and other times it doesn’t go through. And I have no way of knowing if it went through or not, all I can do is mail them in Ce or ask them if I see them in chat.

Are you using a screen reader? If so, are you actually clicking buttons, or is the screen reader doing it?

Nobody else is reporting problems, and I am finding it impossible to replicate. Is anyone else you are communicating with having the same issues? Unless I can find a way to replicate the issue, it is impossible to fix…

There is no point adding a sent box, as if the mail is not sent, it will not appear in the outbox either.

I know that some mails are having a delay, like the one from Ginnor to Sukayo 20 minutes ago, not hust delivered, but possible will arrive with all stuff attached.

Is here a way to check sent mails?

You have the wrong game @Sukayo this bug report is related to Forged Space :wink:

ups, navigation the forums … not so easy while mapping. right.

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