Store purchased items and Hull breach

I am a long time Core Exiles player and decided to try out Project Terran. I really like the feel of this game and would like to kick start my endeavours by spending some TSC. My only concern is what the effect of a hull breach will be on store purchased items. There is a topic around this point but I would rather have absolutely clarity. For instance if I should purchase a ship with TSC and it suffers a hull breach, will I lose that ship or get a replacement.

Hi there HanSolo, thanks for showing an interest in Project Terran. it operates differntly to CE and does have an element of ‘danger’ and loss in it as oposed to how CE is very soft on loss lol.

Prev and I have been discussing this for a few days and I will make an official post on th e subject shortly. I’ll come back and link in the post when complete.


As promised a link to the post covering this subject. Sorry I got waylaid by real-life in posting this earlier : Items Purchased with TSC


Thank you for the clarification.