Strange Battle Stats

Yesterday I had Battle Stats of : Total-5; Won-5; Lost-0 with about $48 in money
Today I was attacked twice and lost. So, it should be: Total-7; Won-5; Lost-2 and money the same.
My Battle Stats now read: Toatl-16; Won-5; Lost-11 with about $32,304 in money

I have not been attacked nor have I attacked that much. I have not lost nor won that much money.
What is happening?

This was related to a bug reported before. This was fixed this morning.

Please try and search before posting new threads as it makes my life much easier :smile:

:flushed:Sorry, I didn’t realize it was referring to Battle Stats until after I posted. My bad.

No problem… search feature is very good, but linked the pertinent bits from the other bug report, so nothing lost :wink:

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