Suggested mission/goal button

Know you are still working on flushing everything out but I would suggest as a option in the “Mission” section a “What you can do”/“Achievements” section. I hate to steal the standard set up of your typical app game or such but even being a veteran of Core-Exiles and a lot of different games it was hard to figure out how to get started. As an American gamer (which please understand we commonly are not patient) it was hard to understand where to start or what my next option is. I think with the nature of gaming now you have to spoon feed players and think it would be wise to set that up so you can draw new players in and keep them long enough to get them spending money or discover the beauty of your games!.

Just the most basic stuff will work… You start as a miner… “Learn the ways of mining: Manage your skills>Industry>Civilian Mining” etc… just a quick example off the top of my head.

Very soon we are going to have NPC missions in the game, that will take you through many of the activities in game, and certainly with the early missions give lots of pointers etc.

We do need to get the architecture in place before we do this though so we are not constantly back-tracking and plugging new code in all the time…