Suggestion of "Speed Up" store items

I hate to bring this up as I’m just starting to play and just getting into it, but I think it is wise to plan a head for a store bought item to speed up or cut time off of training or other such time based production/etc.

I know this tends to be a tricky subject and a slippery slope but if you set it up or plan for it, it can be something that keeps the game afloat and casual gamers that enjoy supporting games can dump their funds into to speed up their game progression.

Standard set ups you see in your standard games - click a gem, gold coin, ect and it subtracts “X” time off of something. You could do all sorts of stuff to limit or reward players that do this, or even make it part of some mission(s) reward. You could have a counter to keep track of players that use them verses those that don’t - as some people have goals of seeing how far they can get without using these options - while other work to be the best in the game in the shortest period. Plus this would allow you to put limits on how much you can speed up training. You can only use “y” speed ups per training, refining run, etc., etc.

I don’t mind the wait so far but know if I had the option I would probably use the speed-ups and money for game developers are always welcome I would think.

A lot of the balance in the game is based around the time that stuff takes… training, travelling etc.

If you take the game EVE as an example, it can take many hours (realtime) to fly a few systems away to collect an item. With travel in PT, the longest time I have seen while testing is about 12 minutes, so I personally see no need to reduce this.

Timers in training are the balance point. A brand new player should not be able to start the game, throw on all the best gear donated by a friend, and go into the lowest law level areas and kill or mine. No sense of achievement will be gained by the player, even if they do go to the store and buy lots of stuff. Sure, it will help us, but it will not promote longevity in the game.

Reducing the timers (which are generally fairly short anyway) would upset the balance… Be interested to hear other opinions though, as long as it does not involve ‘twinking’ or a big red “I Win” button :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally against reducing the timers or being able to buy some sort of speed up device . I have worked hard to train my toons and spent many hours waiting for training to finish lol…

So i sayl let the timers be :slight_smile:

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