Summer Challenge Lottery (July-2018)!

Hello Fellow Terrans,

What? Summer Challenge lottery with only one prize: a Personal Harvester

When? participation from now till 31th July 2018. Draw in first week of august.

Who? Any PT player can compete.

How? Reply to this message with the name of your PT Character(s) and your name on Discord Chat.

Have fun!


Typhon Grey (In game and Discord)
Ryvin Phoenix

Geistware (Chat)
Geistware (Hauler)
Eve (Combat)
Drylok (Miner)

Testudo (chat)
Testudo (Hauler / Trade / Salvage / Harvest / Refining)
Ministo (Ice Miner / Refining / ex-Crafting )
Batalanto (Combat / Rock Mining / Harvest + a bit of Hauling/Trade when moving)
Iglo (Advanced Crafting / Refining / Trade + planned to be combat pilot as well in future)

And the winner is…: Geistware !

Personal Harvester will be sent by mail soon.