Terran February Sale Rewards!

I figured with February arriving we would try a Reward for purchases of Terran Store Credits through the D.G.S Official Store.

These T.S.C’s are purchased through the Store OVER HERE

Once the order has been processed and added to your account you can then Spend the T.S.C’s in game via the TSC store (second icon from the left on the game footer).

There are a lot of ingame things you can spend your T.S.C’s on from Skill reduction timers, Fuel, Storage Increases, Charachter Slots and even the VERY useful Account Fuel Regen Upgrades!

So I’m offering a 20% Fuel Ticket for every TSC you purchase.

So for example:

Purchase 1,000 TSC’s and get a 200 Fuel Ticket
Purchase 5,000 TSC’s and get a 1,000 Fuel Ticket
Purchase 10,000 TSC’s and get a 2,000 Fuel Ticket

You get the idea :slight_smile:

Also as an Extra Bonus for February EACH completed sale will get the captain an entry into a Prize Draw come the 1st of March. The Winner will receive a 24 Hours Skill Timer Reduction!


I can recommend the following upgrades:

  • Account Fuel Regen Upgrade -> the more time you want to spend on PT, the higher upgrade you need.

  • Fuel Depot Upgrade -> enables consuming the fuel from voting and fuel awards in smaller pieces

  • Promenade Store Storage Increase -> account wide, extra room for all your looted items

and then of course a nice reactor can always boost your performance…

Sorry to step in late.

I bought more TSC so that I could get the Skill Queue System for my second character, it was that useful. Instead of getting skills scheduled around work and sleep to reduce unused hours, my characters almost always have a certification going.

I place the Skill Queue System on par with the Fuel Regen Upgrade.

Congrats to Akkamaddi,

They were randomly drawn from those who made a TSC purchase through the PT store in February. They have been awarded 24 hours of ‘Skill Reduction Points’

We have the same competition running for March